Raleigh Loves Pickleball: An Old Sport That Offers a New Way to Stay Fit


One sport that's taking Raleigh by storm is pickleball. Since this sport's had a sudden growth in popularity, the city has been opening courts in Raleigh. If you haven't tried pickleball, come test your hand at the newly opened outdoor courts. The outdoor pickleball courts in Raleigh are located near our Inman Park Apartments at the Method Road … [Read more...]

How Use a Crock Pot in Your Inman Park Apartment

crock pot soup

If you rent an apartment your crock pot could become the best kitchen investment you ever made. If you haven't used one before, follow these simple tips on how to use a crock pot: Crock pots are designed to slow cook a variety of foods and dishes. Your hectic lifestyle will be enhanced when you're aware you have a hearty, healthy meal already cooked and … [Read more...]

Plant a Windowsill Herb Garden This Spring

windowsill herb garden

Are you itching to get your green thumb out, but do not have the time or space for a regular garden? Here are some tips on how to plant a windowsill herb garden in your Raleigh apartment at Inman Park: Sunshine- Most importantly be sure your windowsill provides adequate sunshine. Herb plants require full sunshine for the whole day in order to … [Read more...]

Enjoy the High Sustainability Standards of Raleigh

bicycle lane

If you are thinking of moving into our Inman Park community, then you are certainly moving to the right area. There are several things to enjoy in our neck of the woods, one being the high sustainability in Raleigh. Mobility and Transportation: You can now use several modes of transportation to get around town, including public transit, bicycle … [Read more...]

Effective Ways to Clean and Dust Your Raleigh Apartment this Spring

vacuum apartment

How to clean and dust your home is like a mini art form. Equipped with your palette of cleaning tools and products, you can get rid of unfriendly particles in minutes. Consider these five tips when putting the "sparkle" on your home at Inman Park: Plant enthusiasts know how easy it is for leaves to get covered in layers of dust. A quick and … [Read more...]

Visit These Three Famous Landmarks in Raleigh

Be sure to stop by City Market!
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When living in Raleigh at our Inman Park apartment community, you're conveniently located near businesses, schools, shopping, and restaurants. You're also near local points of interest, such as the many famous landmarks in Raleigh. When you want to spend the day out and about, consider adding these three locations to your sightseeing … [Read more...]

Important Things to Know Before Moving to Raleigh


Are you thinking of moving to our Inman Park Apartments in the near future? We want you to settle right into your new neighborhood, so here are important things to know before moving to Raleigh: Great Food: You have not lived until you have tried the Carolina Hot Dog, which is topped with mustard, chili, onions and slaw. Wash it down with a tall glass of … [Read more...]

Realistic Budgeting Tips to Practice while Living in Raleigh

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If you're looking for realistic budgeting tips to make life easier, check out the following: Keep all your budgeting real. Don't get too harsh with yourself as you also need to enjoy some lifestyle enhancements or you'll drop the budgeting within a few weeks. Make a realistic spending assessment and you should see where your money is being … [Read more...]

Best Ways to Dust Your Raleigh Apartment

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Your home is organized and clutter-free, but is it free of dust? Our residents at Inman Park apartments will enjoy some useful tips for dusting your apartment: High above lights and fans - Use an extendable duster that is able to bend and reach for awkward ceiling fan blades and light fixtures. Doorways, baseboards and corners - Utilize a mop … [Read more...]

5 Sustainable Apartment Living Ideas You’ll Love

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Sustainable living does not have to be difficult. Here are a few sustainable apartment living ideas to help preserve the planet without completely overhauling your lifestyle. Switch to natural cleaning products. Most things can be cleaned with a simple mixture of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water. You can use baking soda to scrub away tough stains. Keep … [Read more...]